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The function of intrinsic disorder in the activation domain of the human estrogen receptor hos Biologisk Institut - Københavns Universitet

The project will aim to establish the experimental system of human estrogen receptor in our laboratory by developing expression and purification procedures. Most studies have primarily focused on the folded DNA or ligand binding domains. Instead, this project focuses on the intrinsically disordered N-terminal activation domain.

When established, you will have the opportunity to study the function of disorder by biophysical characterization. In our lab, we have experience with a broad palette of experimental techniques including ITC, stopped-flow fluorescence, NMR, and CD spectroscopy. We encourage formulating the project in collaboration to meet any specific interests of yours, but a starting point could be to investigate cofactor interactions, interdomain crosstalk and the effect of disorder on DNA binding relevant for future drug targeting. This gives the opportunity of being part of the start of our work on the human estrogen receptor and therefore greatly influence the project.

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