IT-Design as product and process hos Københavns Universitet

Software, Data, People & Society

I sektionen forskes der i software, proces- og datastyringssystemer. Der arbejdes med metoder til at udvikle softwaresystemer, der er egnede til enten udviklerne eller brugerne, og derved skaber værdi for samfundet. Forskningen udføres oftest i en tværfaglig sammenhæng og i samarbejde med industrien.

Sektionen er inddelt i seks områder:

  • Decentraliserede systemer
  • Computerstøttet kooperativt arbejde
  • Datastyringssystemer
  • Sundheds-it
  • Proces modellering og intelligens
  • Sikkerhed og privatliv

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Engelsk version:

The section works with software, process and data management systems, and methods for the development of software systems suited for the people developing and using them, thereby creating value for society. The research is often carried out in an interdisciplinary context and in collaboration with industry.

The section is divided into six areas:

  • Decentralized systems
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • Data Mangement Systems
  • Health IT
  • Process Modelling and Intelligence
  • Security and Privacy

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Bacelor project:
A bachelor project might help you improve your theoretical, methodological and practical competences in conducting a process that results in a product that is meaningful for a given group of people.

You will learn conceptual frameworks and tools and techniques that are relevant:

  • for the analysis and design of the products
  • for you conducting the process that leads to the product.

The supervisor will help you choose a relevant project and supervise as needed
You might also want to involve Science Innovation Hub

You could learn how to 

  • Plan and manage a project
  • collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to understand the problem area
  • apply innovative and entrepreneurial methods to meet the needs of potential users AND and form the basis for a commercial success

Example of a project
Design a new or improve an existing app to better meet the needs of its intended users


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