Defining a new era in anti-hypertensive therapeutics hos Biomedicinsk Institut - Københavns Universitet

Extracellular matrix (ECM) remodelling, inflammation, rarefaction and phenotypic switching of vascular smooth muscle cells are all important factors in the development of hypertension, which can determine the progression of the disease. Currently, no anti-hypertensive medications target these pathophysiological mechanisms, which may explain why even patients with treated and controlled hypertension have an increased risk of all-cause mortality.

One biological process that can link all these mechanisms is autophagy. Autophagy is a complex process induced by cellular stress that removes and recycles unwanted or damaged cellular components, to balance energy stores. There are many known causes/”triggers” of cellular stress in hypertension, which can induce autophagy.

This project will address several key points: 1) microtubule-dependent autophagy has never been studied in vascular smooth muscle cells or hypertension; 2) it is not known which triggers promote microtubule-dependent autophagy and which follow a different pathway; and 3) how does activation of microtubule-dependent autophagy lead to hypertension-related changes in the vascular wall (e.g. ECM remodelling, inflammation, rarefaction and phenotypic switching)?

Overall, this project will provide ground-breaking insight within vascular physiology and potentially identify novel targets for the treatment of hypertension.

You can be part of the team addressing this potentially ground-breaking research problem. Depending on how long are able to work in our laboratory, you can focus on individual problems or contribute to research on all the aforementioned points.

You should be enthusiastic about research! We are looking for a student with an interest in the cardiovascular system. You will work in a motivated environment existing of an interdisciplinary and international research group where you will acquire many competences including scientific writing and presentation skills. The start date of the project is flexible.

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