Master thesis in collaboration with Tempty Foods to investigate the nutritional protein qu hos Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

Tempty Foods is a Danish food tech startup that creates the next-generation of plant-based products. Founders vision is to create products that support sustainable eating habits and are a good choice for consumers both in terms of environmental impact and nutrition. The first food product, called TEMPTY, is an alternative for protein source ingredients like meat, tofu, etc. It is based on mycoprotein and other plant-based ingredients. TEMPTY has a clean label and is produced as a mixture which is shaped into a block serving size (100g). It is seasoned and ready for serving after quick pan-frying or baking.


Scope of the project collaboration is to assess the nutritional quality (digestibility and bioavailability of proteins, potentially other relevant analysis) before and after cooking (different cooking methods). We would like to understand if there are any ingredients that are decreasing the nutritional quality and if using different processing steps during production could increase it.


Co-founder Ana Pejic, CPO, did a Bachelor in Nutrition (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and MSc Food innovation and health (University of Copenhagen). Ana will be the external supervisor. The company is based in Copenhagen.

Contact person / supervisor:

Associate professor Iben Lykke Petersen,, Department of Food Science (FOOD), University of Copenhagen

Ana Pejic, Co-founder & CPO, Tempty Foods,

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