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Velkommen til standen for Volvo Group. Der er desværre ingen stillinger, der matcher din profil. Du er velkommen til at chatte med Volvo Group om et andet emne.

Work Permit

To qualify for a Volvo Graduate Program you need to have a valid work permit for the country that hosts the position. If you hold a student visa, you are welcome to apply for the different positions. Occasionally the hiring managers selects applicants with a student visa, but we cannot guarantee that your application will be further considered for all open positions.

Hiring conditions

All our graduate positions are permanent recruitments on a full time basis which means that you will continue to work for Volvo Group after the fulfillment of the program. Salaries are on entry level in the current country.

Our selection process

We have an agile selection process, which means we will contact candidates throughout the whole advertising period. If you are selected to proceed, you will be invited to a web-based interview. As a next step, a number of candidates will be interviewed by the recruiting managers and an HR representative. Final candidates will also be asked to take part in a competency based interview, a personality questionnaire and ability tests conducted by our internal recruitment team.

Krav og ønsker til kandidaterne

Nedenfor kan du se, hvilke krav Volvo Group har til kandidaterne for, at de kan starte chats. Bemærk, at nogle krav er påkrævede og andre ikke er.

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Our way can be your way

We believe in a work climate characterised by respect for the individual. We believe that diversity and inclusion increase engagement, generate innovation and develop our business. Along with challenging tasks and major technological paradigm shifts ahead, that will completely change the way we live, all these things make the Volvo Group the place you want to be – now and in coming years. There have never been more exciting times working with transport solutions.

Do you want to work where the action is? Are you looking for a springboard to a career destined to shape the future of transportation? It doesn't matter if your heart beats for engineering, finance, IT or logistics - we can offer you a palette of international graduate programs tailored to meet your needs and designed to make you excel. Welcome to the world of exciting possibilities!

Difference between GTO, GTT, VGIGP and VGIT:

International: This program is a ticket to a whole world of exciting possibilities and a springboard to a successful career in a truly global environment. 12 months of learning activities, international experiences and net­working opportunities await you. You will gain a solid understanding of the Volvo Group and its business and you will establish a vast network of friends and colleagues around the world.

Operations: This is an excellent start to your career in manufacturing and logistics. During 15 months, the program will give you a holistic view of the Volvo Group’s global truck manufacturing organization. You will get to know our different brands and their plants and learn about our logistics organizations and activities. You will take a deep dive into some specific areas of our manufacturing and logistics activities..

Engineering: From the start, you will be part of our global product development team, work with our experts and develop as an engineer in cutting-edge technologies. You will get to use your engage­ment and creativity to design, test and develop the next generation of prod­ucts and services for customers all over the world. Our inspiring projects, innovative products and diverse workforce will serve as a great platform to start your career.

IT: Here, you will get to work together with some of the brightest and most cre­ative people in the information technology field. You will deep dive into the organization that manages the overall IT strategies and has an end-to-end responsibility for all development, delivery, services and support of IT solu­tions for the Volvo Group. You will become part of a community with more than 6000 people in 36 countries and you will get to know our business, our people and our culture.

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