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“At Nike, you’re never treated as ‘just the intern’. You are fully involved, you have your own responsibilities and you will drive your own projects. More than that, your team will expect you to bring it. Show your worth and Just Do It!” – Matthieu, former Product Management Intern, now Buying Coordinator. 


“The best thing about doing an internship at Nike is that you are encouraged to bring positive impact to the team. You feel really appreciated. Another thing that is special for me is the working environment. People who work at Nike are always trying to find a better, more efficient and effective way of doing things. They always put energy and passion into their work because they believe in the brand and because sport is their passion.” – Alexandra, Sales Coordinator intern. 


“To me, Nike is the most inspiring brand in the world. The Swoosh has a unique effect on people; they feel connected to it, like they’re part of the story. To be involved in creating that element which resonates with consumers internationally is all I’ve ever wanted to do.” – Jacqueline, former Brand Intern, now Digital Brand Specialist.