The volatile profile of industrial processed and home-cooked pulses and its odor-active compounds at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

The market and demand of plant-based foods is constantly increasing as a consequence of environmental, health and ethical concerns. Pulses are an inexpensive and great source of plant-based protein and many nutrients with a low environmental impact. Pulses are the dried edible seeds of leguminous plants and can be prepared and consumed in different ways. For example, chickpeas and beans are mostly sold as already processed products like hummus or pre-cooked in cans in the supermarket. The main driver for ready-to-eat products is convenience, but can be limiting in regards to the flavour due to high processing methods and a longer shelf-life. At home, the soaking and cooking process of dry beans is time intensive, yet can create a richer flavour and taste. This thesis shall investigate the aroma difference between industrial processing and home-cooked beans from an instrumental perspective (GC-MS) and identify the odor-active compounds (GC-O) to create a closer link to the sensory perception of consumers.

This study can include:

  • Determine the volatile differences between the three types of beans (Red Kidney bean, Pinto bean, Great Northern bean) and the different processing (industrial vs. home cooked method)
  • Volatile analysis of the beans and brine by GC-MS
  • Identification of odor-active compounds by GC-Olfactometry
  • Raw material analysis of dry and cooked bean

Contact person / supervisor:

Principal supervisor: Associate professor Mikael A. Petersen (, Section for Food Design and Consumer Behaviour, University of Copenhagen

Co-Supervisor: PhD Student Lena C. Ströhla (, Section for Food Design and Consumer Behaviour, University of Copenhagen

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