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History, Philosophy, and/or Sociology of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik - Københavns Universitet

There are many ways to explore how your earth or atmospheric science discipline has developed, is developing now, and will continue to develop into the future. Your research question could, for example, be related to:

  • your discipline in historical context
  • history of scientific ideas and their spread
  • interdisciplinary efforts such as sustainability and/or climate change
  • how educational settings at all levels might address scientific content

And any project at the bachelor’s or master’s level is a possibility.
The projects will be supervised by Kristine Cecile Harper.

Biographical information: I am a meteorologist and physical oceanographer, historian of science, and science educator. In my current personal projects, I am working with a team at the University of Oklahoma (USA) on the creation of the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, and on a project looking at the development of desalination projects during the Cold War. I am currently with a student on introducing ethics and values related to sustainability and climate change to lower secondary students in
Denmark. Previous projects have focused on development of numerical weather prediction models, weather modification and control in the Cold War, and scientific and technological developments in Greenland during the Cold War.

If you would like to explore a topic with me, feel free to send me an e-mail: Kristine Cecile Harper: kch@ind.ku.dk

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