Detection and functional analysis of RNA capping and oxidation at Biologisk Institut - Københavns Universitet

Our group studies RNA based mechanisms involved in the control of cellular processes. Currently, we have a particular interest in answering the following questions:

  • How widespread are noncanonical RNA 5’ capping in different species?
  • What are the functional consequences of noncanonical RNA capping?
  • How does RNA oxidation influence the regulation of mRNAs in bacterial, yeast and human cells?
  • Can we improve methods for detection of noncanonical RNA capping and RNA oxidation?

We answer these questions using molecular and biochemical methods as well as high throughput methods based on sequencing. We have the computational tools and know-how required to analyse the sequencing data and if the project involves sequencing, the student can choose whether they want to be involved in the computational analysis of the data. Master and bachelor projects are available within the topics listed above. The specific projects depend on the status of the research projects. Thus, if you are interested in doing a project in our group, you should contact Associate Professor Jeppe Vinther to hear more about the current project possibilities. Please attach CV and course/grade transcript with your email.

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