Spectroscopic analyses of wash liquor at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

Project “Spectroscopic analyses of wash liquor”:

At Novozymes, they are, among others, producing enzymes for washing machines. In order to test the effect of these, they are investigating how the wash liquor during washing is changing during the washing process itself. However, wash liquor during a wash is rarely analyzed due to limited sensitivity of available technology in the presence of high-water levels and high surfactant/detergent levels. This project will therefore work on trying to come with a solution as to how these liquors can be characterized.

Novozymes (NZ) provides wash liquor from various wash conditions in down-scaled wash assays.

The master student will

  1. Make a literature review on the characterization of wash liquor. This also includes patents.
  2. Get hands-on experience at Novozymes (under a CDA) with wash assays and wash conditions used at NZ.
  3. Investigate relevant spectroscopic techniques for the characterization of wash liquor. This selection will be based on what was found under 1, as well as discussions between the project partners.
  4. The characterization should include model detergents produced by NZ, as well as commercial detergents on the market.
  5. Choose the best analytic methods to characterize and compare wash liquors from various wash conditions.

Contact person / supervisor:

The main working place for the student will be the University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science, Section of Ingredients and Dairy Technology.

Wash conditions will be anonymized in the final thesis (if anything is non-published), but otherwise the thesis and the defense will be non-confidential.

Main supervisor (UCPH): Åsmund Rinnan (aar@food.ku.dk), Assoc. Prof., Dept of Food Science, Chemometrics group

Main external supervisor: Lone Baunsgaard (LNBD@novozymes.com), Science Manager, Dept 549, Novozymes.

Co external supervisor: Sara Mesquita (SMQ@novozymes.com), Senior Data Scientist, Digital Transformation, Novozymes

Attention: When applying for this thesis, remember that there are specific regulations and requirements that needs to be met in order for you to include it as part of your education. For more information on criteria, please contact your local student advisor as outlined here Faculty student advisors (in Danish)

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