Food supply chain waste valorisation at Institut for Fødevarevidenskab - Københavns Universitet

The growing attractiveness of sustainable production leads to increasing interest of using waste as a secondary resource. Food waste is a valuable feedstock (e.g. energy, protein, enzymes production etc.) that can be used in climate resilient bio-based economy. Further development and expansion of circular bioeconomy is a top priority for the future research and technology promotion in Europe.

The Master project is part of the HORIZON2020 project FoodRus- Circular solutions for resilient food systems ( The objective of the project is to perform a preliminary market scenario analysis for biowaste derived high value products.

The project will be divided into three phases:

  1. Review of food waste types and amounts
  2. Linking food waste material stocks and market price of identified high value products
  3. Applying selected industrial ecology model tools perform system analysis of defined food waste valorization systems

Contact person / supervisor:
Professor Marianne Thomsen,

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