Project on Futhark - Project: Parallel Optimisation Methods for Futhark at Københavns Universitet

Programming Languages and Theory of Computation

Denne sektion udfører forskning i programmeringssprogsteknologi og i teorien om beregning. Meget af arbejdet involverer emner i krydsfeltet mellem programmeringssprog teori og anvendelse.

Forskningssektionen er inddelt i otte områder:

  • Decentraliseret systemer

  • Sikkerhed og privatliv

  • Higher-Order and Typed Programming Language

  • Programinversion og reversibel beregning

  • Programmeringssprog teori og teknologi

  • Teori om beregning

  • Funktionel teknologi for moderne arkitektur

  • Finansiel gennemsigtighed

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Engelsk version:

The section perform research in programming language technology and in the theory of computation. Much of the work involves topics in the intersection of programming language theory and applications.

The section is divided into eight areas:

  • Decentralized Systems

  • Security and Privacy

  • Higher-Order and Typed Programming Language

  • Program Inversion and Reversible Computing

  • Programmering Language Theory and Technology

  • Theory of Computation

  • Functional Technology for Modern Architectures

  • Financial Transparency

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Using Futhark's higher-order parameterisation methods (e.g., higher-order functions and modules), this project aims at developing generic routines for solving sets of coupled differential equations in parallel (over sets of different parameter sets).
Methods of interest include Euler's method, Heun's method, and other, more involved, Runge-Kuta methods.
A project may involve identifying a real-world problem to solve, for instance within economics or engineering, and it will involve getting acquainted with using the data-parallel programming language Futhark, which makes it possible to run data-parallel applications
efficiently on GPUs.

Contact person: Martin Elsman (2021-06-16).

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